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It is not easy to know that your pet needs to undergo surgery-- Don't face it alone. Our compassionate staff is committed to treating you and your pet like family. We will take the time to provide detailed explanations of any procedure we recommend, and can provide estimates upon request. At Peninsula Vet, we take pride in offering many advanced procedures that would otherwise require a trip to specialists, but we maintain an excellent relationship with them for times when referral is unavoidable.

•  Routine spays and neuters

•  Soft tissue surgeries

•  Orthopedic surgeries

Maximize safety for your pets

Feel confident working with a clinic that stays on the cutting edge of technology. Our surgery suite is equipped with EKG, respiratory, blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitors to help maximize safety and comfort during your pet's surgery. Our trained technicians and doctor will stay by your pet's side throughout anesthesia and recovery, to help ensure the best possible outcome.

Call our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment:

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